William Basinski (1958) has been exploring the boundaries of experimental music for over thirty years. The works of an artist closely linked to the New York and lately also the California scene are dominated by recordings that breathe new life into discarded tapes and analogue machines. From these he constructs discreet soundscapes, whose bewitching nature becomes the more obvious when performed live.
He has received the greatest acclaim for the extensive album „The Disintegration Loops“ (2002-03), on which Basinski revived sound recordings from the early 1980s – a period when he himself debuted with „Shortwave Music“. Even in its most silent moments, Basinski's music is very tangible, never moving toward towards flamboyancy or superficiality.
Basinski released three albums in 2015 and has recently played alongside Michael Gira and Fennesz, while having gained experience also in theatre on Robert Wilson's „The Life and Death of Marina Abramović“, an opera accompanied by Antony Hegarty's performance.
Now the worlds of Basinski's slowly flourishing sounds will come to life in the Observatory and Planetarium in Brno, a venue capable of highlighting the melancholy and inviting nature of Basinski's music.



Contemporary opera by Slovak conductor and composer Marek Piaček, who has decided to bring together professional musicians of the Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra and an orchestra composed of children. The tension arises from children producing Cage-like silence, with tiny horrors lurking in the background. The performance is organised in cooperation with the Stanica – Žilina Záriečie cultural centre.