When Teen Daze released his album Morning World in 2015, it came as a bit of a surprise. The ambient basis of the recording was surprisingly accompanied by a boyish voice as well as traces of indie rock. As such his music is capable of enchanting the listener, as much as it is itself enchanted by the world. Sublime, elegant, rich music – but never too much.


The music of the London-based four piece Novella shows traces of My Bloody Valentine, the music is as dreamy as it is straightforward. The introverted bits are calling for our attention as much as the loud guitar parts do. The band does not shy away from their roots, but the hypnotic shoegazing comes alive again thanks to their take on the genre. You can be passionate while staring at the tips of your shoes.


After releasing their debut EP Ruin (Exitab Records, 2013), the duo of Matěj Kotouček and Ondřej Synáček drew attention with their layered ambient moods. When Erik Netušil (Superego Kid) joined, the music became more energetic, but did not lose any of its dreamy charm. Even though the trio does not work together anymore, they´ve decided to come together once again for this special occasion.