The Scottish musician started at the local punk scene, but became known as a member of several acts crucial for the experimental and club scenes. After moving from Glasgow to London in the 1980s, he became a part of the industrial scene, having worked Genesis P-Orridge and Psychic TV, later with Pete Christopherson and John Balance in the key postindustrial band Coil. He currently lives in New York, where he and Tres Waren (Psychic Ills) form Compoud Eye. His solo debut Collapse (Dais Records) was only released last year and now McDowall comes to perform it live at his first and only Czech concert.



Sound artist and experimenter Luke Younger has been active within the London scene since 2006. He works with a vast array of instruments and abstract sound sources. The influence of the avant-garde as well as industrial and noise music can be found on his releases. His widely acclaimed album Olympic Mess became a turning point in his career in 2015, now Helm is ready to play his first Czech show.



Michal Lichý, member of the Urbsounds collective, himself labels his solo project Urbanfailure as a rhythmic noise/lo-fi techno and t(h)rash act. He has been exploring similar fields since the 90s and has played at numerous events since (including the festival Next, Hradby samoty, New New!, Multiplace or Resistence in the UK).